Kissed By the Baddest Bidder


fic recs (in no particular order)
i promised myself i wouldn't let you complete me by voltage-alternatives
#32 “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” by voltage-alternatives
Mono No Aware — 物の哀れ by professionalcinderella
euphoric comedown by kiserusmoke
Dulce bellum inexpertis by kiserusmoke
kairos by kiserusmoke
Ultraviolet // Ultraviolence (or, Where The Sun Shines Too Bright) by kiserusmoke
一人娘 / monachopsis by kiserusmoke
1:29 AM by kiserusmoke
Gate 73 by kiserusmoke
I Am Afraid of the Light by kiserusmoke
and here i thought i was untouchable by maidofstars
voice by maidofstars
Coming Home by fromthedeskofelizabeth3rd
5 minutes by fromthedeskofelizabeth3rd
The Five Times Eisuke’s Daughter Broke his Heart. by retrogradeus
"You're late" by zaizenakiyoshi
"Letter two hundred and sixteen" by bolt8826

Samurai Love Ballad Party


fic recs (in no particular order)
If You Want Me by Kanookie
Among Thickets by saizoswifey
Hidden Between The Sheets by fromthedeskofelizabeth3rd
Good Times, Bad Timing by midorikaze
Midnight Never Come by nightingaledarling
Gray by nightingaledarling
Important Lessons by sengokugenkigirl
Fairy Tale AU by breaktimewritings
A Fox in the Rain by kiserusmoke
Blessing || Curse by kiserusmoke