Samurai Love Ballad Party

"the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."


"if you can find the will to eat, then you can find the will to live."

artist notes!
♠ slbp's most eligible bachelorette
♠ please give mc eyes to see her beautiful boy (and his hot sister)
♠ the best wife in all of sengoku era japan
♠ her absolute victory bowls bring all the boys to the yard
♠ still waiting on her official art, voltage


"you're a pretty little fool, aren't you? but so am i."

artist notes!
♠ saizo's hair is the scourge of the earth
♠ dango-loving boyo with a soft spot for only one (1) person, his wifey
♠ would literally ride or die for mc
♠ bedroom eyes 24/7
♠ needs a big hug

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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

"the worst first impression ever."


"my heart, my body, my soul needs him, wants him, loves him."

artist notes!
♠ needs a long vacation
♠ smol, soft, and strong
♠ has been through hell for 5 seasons and is still ready to fite
♠ will throw down to protecc her lad from all the flying roaches
♠ loves her boyo very much and will do anything for him


"do you have any idea how much those three words save me?"

artist notes!
♠ will buy mc the moon if she asked
♠ absolute dork with no concept of chill
♠ everybody's favorite asshole
♠ god help the poor soul who dares to hurt mc
♠ cannot function without mc's coffee

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